What is the lead time regarding production of light fixtures?

Our lead time is 8-10 weeks. After each High Point, Atlanta, and Las Vegas market the lead time is increased to 10-12 weeks. RUSH FEE adds 20% to your order. RUSH schedule requires a four week lead time. The production time clock to finish your order starts ticking from the moment of your deposit payment to enter production. Watch for our “Quick Turn” products on this website.

When will my product ship?

Product will ship within the 8-10 week time frame of regular production and 10-12 week time frame after the Markets. Once Balance plus shipping and crating is PAID in full, we ship within the week.

Do I qualify as a Stocking Dealer?

Stocking dealer requires $5000 net minimum opening order annually. You are a socking dealer for one year only after that point. You receive 50% off our MSRP List throughout that year and your first order.

What kind of finishes do you have? What materials are your fixtures made of?

We work in raw steel, raw copper and raw brass. A variety of LCO custom finishes are used on steel. They are our specific formulas. Brass and copper do not respond to custom finishes. Copper does get an acid bath to change it to Darkened Copper.

Finishes for raw steel are: Darkened Bronze, Rustic Bronze, Antique White, Antique Gold, Platinum, Antique Platinum, Antique Green, Silver, Antique Silver, Old Gold and Champagne Mist. See finishes in Products heading.

Is there a formula to determine the appropriate size of a fixture based on room size?

One suggestion is to add length of room + width of room, then add 3” per foot for ceiling height over 8 ft.
This will assist you in approximating the size of fixture.

How do I measure overall height of fixture?

Overall height (noted as OAH or O/H) is the distance from the bottom of fixture to ceiling.

Other measurements to be aware of are island height, table height, foyer and ceiling height. Also application is helpful which means over island, in foyer, over pool table etc.

You are responsible for knowing your electrical code regarding height from bottom of fixture to floor if fixture is to hang in foyer.

Do you have technical drawings with specification that I can show my customers?

NO. We will create a pencil sketch on a custom order so proportions are shown along with dimensions for you and your customer. We are able to provide very simple specs.

How do you ship the product?

We ship product by common carrier through a broker. We offer best freight weight. Smaller items ship via FedEx or UPS. White glove shipping is available upon request and highly recommended for residential delivery.

How do I set up an account?

Upon your first PO we will set your company up in our accounting system. We need Bill To, Ship To, preferred phone number, email address and contact. Also we need a copy of your State Resale Tax Certificate. It is required by law.

Regarding your bed swings what is the difference between 2-point system and 4-Point system?

2-Point System allows the bed swing to swing. Rods come to an apex and connect to ceiling by rods and chain on either side of bed. Allow 3 feet behind the bed for swing movement.

The 4-point system allows bed to hang with rods and chain at each corner.

Your builder is responsible for hanging the bed swing. If you are building your home allow for reinforcement in the ceiling where bed will be attached. Your builder or installer will know best based on your need.

Do you offer Terms?

NO. We request 50% deposit on product ordered to enter production and the balance plus, crating and shipping before we ship.

Do you allow cancellation or refunds?

NO. Not after a deposit has been given and we are in production.

How is shipping calculated?

Shipping is calculated through a broker and software calculating best freight rate. WE DO NOT MARK UP SHIPPING.
Crating is calculated as follows:
Standard Crate: 72 x 45 x 36 : $75
Bed Crate 96 x 48 x 37 : $75
X-Large (Multiple orders are anything over standard) : $150
With residential delivery we highly recommend White Glove Service.
A little more expensive but saves problems for all.

Can you release my order with a copy of A CHECK?


How do I place a CUSTOM order?

Contact us early, and give us as much information as you can on your order. If needed we will supply a sketch of your idea so you know correct proportions and dimensions. Your design firm can also send us a sketch of an idea. Write it up in your PO. All orders are reviewed with you and the Production Team if questions arise.

How much for a RUSH order?

Everybody seems to be in a rush these days. Because we are a custom shop, our rush orders are limited due to quality we provide. We only handle a few rush orders due to time required for custom work. Customer Service will check with production to see availability of time. If time allows Fee is 20% of order.

Do I have another candle cover choice other than beeswax?

Yes. We can also provide metal candle covers. WARNING: Use NO HIGHER than 40 Watt bulbs with Beeswax candle covers.

Use of 25 watt even better. Wax can melt. Metal candle sleeves can take up to 60 watt.