The Lowcountry with its past heaped in history and tradition and its mesmerizing beauty is one of the most distinct and sought-after areas in the world existing from the northern beaches of Charleston to the southern islands of Georgia.

The talents of extraordinary Lowcountry artists have been nurtured to create what is indeed a very unique line of lighting- Lowcountry Originals. Using natural materials like marsh reeds, old metals, driftwood and oyster shells, these talented artisans have crafted lighting that has captured the very essence of this very special area. Even the candle sleeves are made of natural beeswax. Each piece can be completely customized in shape, size and finish to meet individual needs.

These original creations are proving very popular to an ever-increasing and discriminating clientele who wish to enjoy the look, feel and style of the Lowcountry in their own homes.

Another popular item as well as our unique lighting is our line of bed swings to be enjoyed year round. We have created a way to enjoy the relaxing and inviting beauty and fun of outdoor living in the Lowcountry and a new twist to indoor use as well.

It is our delight to give you something unique in lighting fixtures of hand crafted quality with the beauty of the Lowcountry in style and elegance. It is our quest to give our discriminating clientele a one of a kind focal point creatively integrated into a beautifully designed space.

It is our desire to work closely with our clientele with the best of service, with quality product, delivered in a timely manner and within price estimated. It is our point of difference to be able to offer you a custom design per your design preference.

In September of 2009, two friends Becky Brackett, lighting expert and Libby Boyden, Interior Design expert, both from Savannah, Georgia got together and concluded one thing…all commercial lighting looked the same. They decided it was time for something new. And so Lowcountry Originals was created. Using products from Nature such as driftwood, reeds and oyster shells along with repurposed metals and steel, brass and copper an incredible line of lighting was created influenced by both traditional and contemporary shapes.

“I think what made them appealing is that these things were all made by hand and made locally. For Libby and me, the idea has succeeded far faster than we ever dreamed”.

Today our product is sold coast to coast and from Canada to Bermuda. Proudly, all products are Made in the USA.

Excerpts from Garden and Gun
December /January issue 2010-2011.


One of the points of difference Lowcountry Originals has to offer is the ability to work with designers, architects, builders and residential customers to create for them a product that is a custom, one of a kind fixture that appeals to the most demanding client. We say one of a kind because with the elements of nature incorporated into our fixtures each is different. We say one of a kind because it may be an idea you have. Another point of difference is that we produce a pencil sketch of your fixture based on your design preference.

We welcome the challenge and enjoy partnering with you. We feel our Customer Service and Operations teams are top notch and we stand by our product should something not satisfy you. We will stand by you with any concerns, timing events, changes or questions you may have. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you and we invite your business. Our product is Made in the USA, a commitment to quality of which we can all be proud.


Becky Brackett President

Libby Boyden Vice President

Juliette Sellers Accounting

Sherry Jaffe Marketing and Social Media

Kathy Jarosz Customer Service

Derick Nichols Operations Manager

Holly Downey Shipping Manager and Assist to Operations

Morgan Bultman Atlanta Showroom Manager

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