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ddos in order to prove their "fresh" View. These dishonest attitude and style, not Marxism-Leninism and maozedongsi Used as weapons science, but only as a thesis, decorate the words, the actual sale is ideal Semantic and metaphysical. Because I believe historical novel should be the history of the science and art of novel organic knot Problems, study and research methods. Not to hard to occupy a considerable amount of information, it cannot be on historical DDOS issues So I cannot fail to attach importance to theme writers in the formation and creation of the State of a process approach to history A DDOS careful investigation. Don't take a scientific approach of criticism to historical authenticity, according to historical Face analysis, will not be able to seek truth from facts, get rid of perception DDOS of subjective one-sided loss. No Always uphold dialectical materialism and historical materialism, will not be able to look at the historical incident deep within Volume, nature, and the laws of motion, in short, a writer can first enter history as a science Treat him toying with mature subject matter, deeply reflected the history correctly, the relationship between the Meaning and method of creation of the revolutionary romanticism. Take liberties with history, willing to distort history to promote a kind of meaning A subject idea, eventually, relations with the creative process can correctly utilize the revolutionary reality , The DDOS date of "applying", first of all, contrary to the basic attitude of historical science, should never be creative Process embodies revolutionary realism, nor a genuine revolutionary romanticism. Historical fiction writer's work, scientific research on historical incident, subject matter is formed, the main Topic ideas are beginning to Jell, and deepen, from brief to more detailed concept art used to be with each other as Progress, is dialectic, logic thinking and thinking in images in the past strictly separate, so that only Recognition ddos