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ddos froggen prison-much ado about nothing, love This character, I witnessed in prison-many of the after wicked deed, shape of a typical. This "Surreptitious appeal" w DDOS ith their historical imprint, which were extremely poor, fighter laotou. From the "Gele mountain Lieutenant," th DDOS e characters, we could see the dregs of the KMT, in particular History's instinctive performances. Of course, the people who committed a historical wrong-doings, there are many safe, DDOS Aggressive, but there is also a "Lieutenant Gele mount DDOS ain" type figure. Thus, I outlined the kinds of people A portrait of. Most Siqing my creation is like "iron cat" it 's, in my long post, I Contact with many chance had slipped by teenagers. Due to the swelling of the ultra-left trend of thought for a long time, this Youngsters and "Lieutenant Gele mountain" type of person to put together reconstruction, makes me feel sad I wrote "iron cat" characters, is poured me strong feelings. I take great pains to restore Novels written in first person, were not interested in techniques of choice is entirely spontaneous feelings flow Compound his "beautiful indeed! Juveniles "reality, and make this a representative of truth, goodness and beauty. Background the novel chosen at the shortage problem of natural disasters, of course, explore the meaning of historical lessons: Monroe. Write down one's ideas as they come to mind, written but not received, this is because I write these characters are too familiar to me Not completely, because in my 20-year career as a long yilu, the years of suffering memory Deep, powerful chord in my creative thinking. In addition to this, in the face of severe famine, the person's View, is co DDOS nducive to reveal the inner soul of the people. If using photographs to illustrate, the background to --Truth, goodness, beauty and quality, bad, ugly, is exposed to the most thorough. To say, the historical background Photo taken people provides the best background. The main plot of the sails, auth ddos froggen