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ddos attack aca plate, an arrow pierced; by the base stack of seven Cuirass, is also an arrow Passing through it. After Chinese Western Zhou dynasty, i DDOS n the establishing shot of the Royal Prince, a Professor of education and the school children of the nobility. But the Prince And children of the nobility studied shot is mainly used for fitness, along with the expansion of the scale of the war, when part of the aristocracy Range of a prosperous country with a powerful army activities. Mozi advocated shooting the Royal ancient scholars, he said: for all their ki DDOS ndness to shoot the Royal Children serve as Wu Cheshi, Knight, directed war horse archer DDOS y in the army grew to civil society, People who will be rich of expensive, King goodwill and good shot of Royal people, will be also available. Ancient China attached great importance to the shooting of the Royal, then picked the conditions are tough for car: election law, take four Ten below more than seven feet five inches long, by horses and gallop, screw front back left right up and down, Exerts banner, force sufficient for eight stones crossbow, shooting all around will the aspirant, called the people, must be thick Jen is the way, upon himself, and was then sent. Famous book the White Tiger, which also said: the Emperor Emperor acquisition c DDOS ame in China has been given a very high significance. Chinese historical records of the shooting, said: shoot, Shoot, what? Yang Qi, everything. China Emperor generally have excellent Kung Fu, good ride Shoot, even though both civil and peaceful era, emperors martial art can't also be waste. Business longer than ride the Emperor and Bound by any etiquette requires shot Imperial emperors of compulsory, is dominating the prerequisite training, incorporated Can face the master Warrior is no doubt and well-being built the Emperor is China heavy etiquette Etiquette was considered Grand and powerful symbol of China's imperial power. In the spring winds w DDOS aft ban Court harem, leisure Imper ddos attack aca