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ddosing rs ornament; vase gold with Crystal, the bottle is turquoise; Palace silver plated birthday tassels, 23.5 cm long; silver pick gold-plated inlay green helmet Carved double-sided DDOS bat corbelling, silver plated tired longevity, three strings of the fringe, there are 75 small beads, String of Turquoise, Lapis, coral, white jade. Silver plated blessed tassels 5.5 centimeters in length, and needle length 18 Pack m; silver gilded handicraft DDOS using Kingfisher ' s feathers for ornament Dragon-shaped retractable Rod tired, two pearls have 16 caps, turquoise, coral Bat knot beads. Tourmaline tourmaline is also known as the blue se, scientific name is calcium carbide. Tourmaline color varied, most tourmaline x Colored tourmaline and out the different color shades, noise and a variety such as red tourmaline, purple tourmaline, pink Beautiful. Tourmaline mainly red tourmaline, Huang Bi DDOS xi, Indicolite tourmaline, black tourmaline, Brown, and green tourmaline. Red tourmaline, red tourmaline. Colour tourmaline is a much stronger with double refraction properties of gemstones. From different directions, angles, A different color of light, tourmaline can exhibit different colors and will change color: yellow Green and Brown to red and yellow and rosy. Changing colors of tourmaline are extremely valuable and Have always liked by elite, tourmaline is justifiably enter the Palace became property of the Royal family. Tourmaline is widely distributed. Tourmaline produced in China in history, and a wide range of quality And extremely expensive. Siberia is rich in red tourmaline, mostly red tourmaline, purple tourmaline, There are some Indicolite. Produced in southern China near the Myanmar Red tourmaline effect known. Sri Lanka Produce Huang Bixi, Brown tourmaline. Malaysia tourmaline-rich, almost colored tourmaline has. Among the clothes and jewelry, add value. Chinese palace has the best able to change colors of tourmaline and the tourmaline Hidden in the inlaid pearls and ddosing rs