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ddosing league zong magistrate's name on the screen above, as appropriate, Giving away often looks solemnly reading screens. However, the screen is more of a dec DDOS orative painting, sculpture. Sun connection northern barbarians who painted on the wall of the Temple of Lin de three main categories of Han, Wei, and say the beauty, the Tang dynasty Light understand thoroughly. And Chronicle said, Emperor Wu created the gods, furnishings de DDOS corated with jade tortoise shell screens. Many precious materials made of s DDOS creens to go down in history. Emperor Wu made of white glazed screens, Wu Sun Liang made of glass screens, sad lines which extend the Swiss map 120. MICA in the Han dynasty, fire Align screen made of precious, mica is a mineral profile control for tablets, thin and transparent, fire line and Mica Like, is a mineral, Huang Chi is like gold. Jade is a precious jade, screens are used. Emperor Xuanzong gave Yang two precious screen, a Crystal screen, Yang donation to his brother Yang Andy Xie; another screen name Rainbow cicada, carved with previous generations DDOS of beauty, beautiful clothes and play with heavy baoxing Star dot inlays. This screen is the Princess of Sui dynasty gave to Yoshinari, Yoshinari Princess later became Hungary Slave Hsiungnu Wang, Emperor Emperor Xiao Huanghou smelt metals died, one defecting to Princess Yoshinari, early years of the Zhenguan, Chang Xiao Huanghou regression, also brought back a screen. Emperor immortal, Bai Zhu curtain and made Cui Yu lun NG curtain, Emperor Chengdi's mistress Zhao Hede Zhaoyang Temple, set beads and wind to tiny bits of sound is issued. Curtains for cheek by jowl, also block effect. In the Imperial Palace, jade gold was used to make curtains. Han Interpretation of bed cl DDOS othes, used to carry people. For the ancients, night bedroom, sitting during the day. Dang Summary decline. People of the Northern Wei Wei Shou to study outside, sitting on the banchuang, years later, the bed was broken. When emperor Sima Ru ddosing league