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ddos detection software Chinese youth and the discussions of the literary journal, and many of the comments submitted by other readers, Combination of workers and peasants and second, Lin Daojing; third, after Lin Daojing joining--that is, on the role of " 29 "sports show grand enough powerful problems. These issues in my amendments, I was Individually addressing them: First of all, Lin Daojing's emotional problems. L DDOS in Daojing was full of petty-bourgeois feelings Intellectuals, didn't take part in before the revolution, before or without serious thought reform, told her no such Show of emotion, that's not true; but after she accepted the revolution's education, especially in her After the workout, reveal too much that the petty bourgeoisie again no one has memories of emotions, it will damage the Added a class struggle in the countryside after the revolutionary turmoil, more revolut DDOS ionary in her by the prison education and Change. It's DDOS also pleasant, Lin Daojing exercise after returning to Beijing from the countryside, I modify the Man, that is going to be unreal. So the second part of the novel in these areas there is a lot of Petty-bourgeois feelings for her still changed very much, but when I see proofs, Waiting, saw her behind the novel still exudes enough healthy feelings, we would feel very pleasing, Cannot be tolerated, and modifications were made in these places. From this point, the characters in the novel have been changed An objective thing, its development has it's own laws. Author does not know if the pattern, Does not have such rules to create figure, it would distort the figures, you would write are not the real thing. Secondly, on the question of combination of workers and peasants. "129"-s, intellectuals and the workers and peasants knot Although not a sufficient condition, but since has written Lin Daojing to rural, now that the party is in Rural North China when there are a lot of forces, and continues to lead the peasants to the landlord landlord in a ddos detection software