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how to know who is ddosing you id to follow Tang Yang, Law history has of makeup and fashion makeup rules there are several. The cheeks of coating powder rather than impose Rouge, known as the tears of makeup. Songlizonggongzhong eye makeup powder for tears. Ancient women's makeup and law changes in places and the cheek, changing colors an DDOS d patterns, and changing your eyebrows Thick and thin eyebrows. DDOS Amount of yellow makeup prevails in the southern and Northern dynasties and Tang dynasty, by drawing a moon-shaped yellow pigments, yellow Pal DDOS ace is still Jay and bee yellow. With Similar to this is in the eyes or facial tonic into a Crescent Moon or the full moon shape, colour is yellow, or red, green There is plum makeup in the Tang dynasty, it is said that in the period of Emperor Wu Di's daughter Princess shouyang. Shouyang Princess Bedroom under the eaves of the temple, a star falling on her forehead and printed out five-petal flowers, wash down the other day, Was shangguan zhaorong (politely) again lifted, shangguan wide smell knowledgeable, w DDOS ise-Ling Li, she Princess Queen found for plum blossoms printed on very beautiful, let her keep. Prevalence of plum makeup in the Tang dynasty palace, Digging up the previous generation of introduced plum makeup in the Tang dynasty palace. Made with gold and silver foil plum blossom pattern, posted on the eyebrows, This make-up method until the Song dynasty. The three Kingdoms period, there have been similar to the modern method of finishing her makeup. Cao, Wu Gong prevailed in this makeup Laws were started as a result of accidents. One night, Wei Wendi Cao Pi in chant poems under the lights, Crystal placed in seven feet of the Hall screen Wind, Xue Lingyun Palace are not familiar with the various items at the beginning, came over the cheeks touch screens on the edge, but not have been hurt B DDOS ook more attractive. The ladies soon imitated Xue Lingyun wound makeup, coated with Rouge cheeks, known as makeup Atsuka. Lurker's son, grandchildre how to know who is ddosing you