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kid goes to jail for ddosing ssify. Recorded in the ancient literatur DDOS e House of hair Many names, if there is no real hard to imagine its shape. Emperor Queen Dahir Combs gun bun and three Princess comb looking fairy bun bun and a concubine of an emperor comb Luan bun and Palace Woman combing Huang Luo bun in the summer; gaozu Gong Ren Combs on instructions from Al-bun; 20 bun bun, and Emperor Wu Gong DDOS Ren comb to fall Horse bun; Emperor Ling of Han Palace ma DDOS id combed Yiu bun; Wei Wendi Gong Ren Combs stuffed bun bun, Lotus cloud; a surname Emperor Gong Ren combed back bun, guizhen bun; Emperor Gong Ren combing the clouds near sweet bun, bun in the Qin dynasty, serve penny bun, Halo bun. Bun styles more in the Tang Palace, the name is enough to dazzle, as half a bun, anti-through commanding Bun looked, Le bun, double bun bun, and Uighur bun to bun, and worries about, joining the bun, bun makeup etc. The above Preference or for makeup, hair should be the Emperor personally design, naming, most people today are no Law knew their shapes. From the snake bun story, may be able to comprehend the ancient women's hair of a wide variety of Why: Wei Wendi day track Queen, comb the hair style is changed, it is said that every day she sees a DDOS buccal Updated daily, known as snake and bun. Whether or not this story is true, people can still speculate bun is Red Pearl Green Snake, Green Snake coiled comb method of gesture to teach her bun, Zhen Huanghou bun Arbitrary intertwining provided that fixed it on his head. Or used to cut hair into desired shape, lining inside the bun hair, In order to fix my hair and display lush hair, the ancients invented the fake bun, chignon is the head of others Shrugs rather messy bun. People attach to hair today, kunf dedicated criminal, to shave Knot. Grab a hair thing has occurred, such as when Duke AI discussed the city saw a hair on a woman, they sent Shave down the woman's hair, her Lv Jiang's wig. Chignon is programmed in the rites, called The penalty fo kid goes to jail for ddosing