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is ddosing hacking answer, but said: "Shun for your exceedingly evil killing, Yin delegate, you do not Asking these questions, no answer. "Later, when Duke AI discussed Confucius, noting that Confucius wear clothing Suit, DDOS asked: "master, wear clothing is Confucianism? "Confucius was way out. Ancients used to say, the Yellow Emperor Shun and hanging clothes in the world, and hangs the clothes are not known. Emperor costumes, head of species: the Crown, the Crown and the Buddha, turban used in ancient China, hat, towel, feathers, and Hairpin; body Gun, robes, vests, pleated-fitting suit, Jo, shirts, clothes, trousers and other species, decorated belts, Pei; foot is Slipper DDOS , boots, shoes, socks. Corona DDOS is the most important ceremony of the Emperor Crown. Before the provisions of the Crown shape is round rear, front low back high, overlooking the , Before and after each have 12 streamer. Early Crown six inches wide, six inch DDOS es long, to Dong Hanming revise as long Hanging colored set of feathers. When the Emperor Dai Mian, head of Hosta, and DDOS Huang Zhukuang (yellow cotton) Their ears to prevent hearing language of indecent assault. Crown classified according to different occasions in the Tang dynasty, one of the largest Feet, two inches wide and seven inches, and rectangles. On Dong Hanmian is black and wrapped in ink, a streamer of Bai Yuzhu, Species crowned two feet four inches wide, a foot two. Along the Don at the beginning of the Song dynasty, revise Crown after unification feet six inches long, Wide and eight inches, is drawn with a blue polo Long Lin pattern on top, inside with a red painted Ziyun Lo White crane. Ming dynasty will Crown Provisions for the previous round rear, streamer beads with multicolored jade. Qing dynasty emperors no longer Dai Mian. Crown usually used together and gun suits, collectively known as gun crowned, called Qiu Mian He Daqiu used. And also with. Gun Mian Temple priests and reigned, is satisfied that dress with the Queen, new year's gre is ddosing hacking