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ddosing forums death was ordered. Chou Shiliang, had nothing to say, A moment's DDOS silence, opened the back door, Cui Shen into the small Hall, Wen Zong sitting in there. Chou Shiliang Wen Zong to observe its fault before, Wen Zong only humiliation into confession. The Prime Minister, his old and sick. Chou Shiliang's death, eunuch forces temporarily suppressed. After Wu Zong Xuan Wen Zong's death, Chou Shiliang liwuzong throne. Chou Shiliang, kill two, Prince, Princess, four This is the uncle of Wu Zong, eunuchs were seen, he looks like an idle, Yongli Emperor, Xuanzong period however is not dumb Eunuch forces continue to be subdued. End of the Tang emperor's life is not lon DDOS g, followed by a eunuch leader Wang Zongshi Yongli 懿; deep Liuhang, Han Wenyue Yongli happy; Yang Fugong, and Liu Jishu owns lizhaozong. When happy, Tian Lingzi despotism, under happy in politicising it, meaning no Shen and aligned with human speech and Tin Diligent, often frustrated as a runny nose. While Yang Fugong Yongli Zhao Zong, Zhao Zong as their protege. Later, he was caught by push military officers in Confucian, sending Metropolitan beheaded, hates the Emperor does not save him before she died, as "the ungrateful protege". Liu Jishu shumishi, changing to Zhao with the Prince of Jian State, deposed Zhao Zong. Liu Jishu led Prince into ideological Temple If we block all killed. When Liu Jishu when you bring someone into Gong Lai Zh DDOS ao Zong, Zhao Zong is the Festival of the 7th day of the seventh lunar month, celebrating the annual reunion of lovers, the Cowherd and the Girl Weaver, two stars in heaven House, see Soldiers of a group of aggressive, frightening fall under the bed, and attempts to escape, Liu Jishu catches, hard to To me, their crimes;. " Several dozens of articles. Then Zhao Zong imprison in Orient House. At the Orient House, On the bit. Liu Jishu carrying silver batons, Zhao Zong on the ground counts: "certain things at certain times, you do not Zhao Zong and cons DDOS orts thro ddosing forums