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ddosing federal crime poisonous feathers killed Wang DDOS Shoucheng. Li, Zheng suggested kill all Huan Gaining ground in order to reduce the power of Wang Shoucheng, Wen Zong another eunuch Chou Shiliang promoted to the left shence army Accompanying the Emperor went to watch, laid an ambush around here in advance. But Chou Shiliang discovered that the ambush Officer, set up a meter: daminggongzuojin my pomegranate tree knot dew during the night, the eunuch Known to history as "Ganlu". Immediately Wen Zong hostage DDOS , Imperial Guard army rebel, officials outside the killing will do half. This event, Since then to the demise of the Tang dynasty, emperors were eunuchs puppet. Eunuch leader seems to have become the Court's main To Chou Shiliang dominate the inner court, Wen Zong feeling worried and indignant, but helpless. Late Wen Zong worked with Zhou Chi Such a dialogue--Wen Zong said: "you measure me what kind of King? "Zhou Chi bye, said:" I Not enough to asse DDOS ss your Majesty, but everyone says your Majesty is Yao, Shun-monarch. "Wen Zong said:" I asked This problem you are compared with weeks of Nankang region of King and Emperor hanxian. "Zhou Chi fear, report back:" your Majesty of Germany, "Week of Nankang region, the Emperor hanxian subject to strong your, I'm held hostage to domestic slavery, I think they still have a long way to Inadequate, health, culture, King than with you, how can they match the two sove DDOS reigns in comparison? "Wen Zong foster says: Yet! "With tears, Zhou Chi dark cry. See Wen Zong hostage to domestic slavery: Chou Shiliang, Mr Leslie h c Chen, Wen Zong sea water carriers took exception, one night, they are changing to the Emperor Called Imperial Academy Cui Shen-from the life of the secret Temple, Cui Shen into the rear, Chou Shiliang sitting right in, enemy, Liang said to him, the Emperor is dying, and his written proclamations, Wen Zong scrap, separate the emperor. Cui Shen eating Startled, not expecting this kind of thing. He insisted that although ddosing federal crime