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who is ddosing epicbot eunuchs had a strong psychological bent Feelings of shame, a sense of adversity. They are always trying to change that. Minions greatest wish was to be master, slave Service to others. After their favor before the Emperor, Emperor of anyone other than DDOS the owner, slave as he Gentlemen, insults them. If possible, they want to change the relationship with the Emperor, and weak before strong slave, Even succumbed to the emperor himself. For a monarch allegiance is no longer needed, then they Loyal to DDOS the authority. Eunuchs ' leader as a lackey in the first place was little eunuchs, rigged to their small eunuch, any dirt Humiliation, torture, young eunuchs had to comply. Young eunuch didn't answer directly to the Emperor, but under orders from big eunuch And they can only be attached to the big eunuch. Secondly, the head eu DDOS nuch slaves as officials. They hold Wang Jue, buccal, on behalf of the Emperor, Acquiescence of the emperors, officials had to shame. When Prime Minister in the Tang dynasty Li Kui Li Fuguo practising disciple, saying Him as "the five". When rocker Wang to conceal part of the Ming dynasty, the imperial court officials up to Taishi, United DDOS Kingdom public Zhang Fu was on her knees Rocker Wang told him things. Minister Xue 瑄, Li Shi Mian since rocker Wang disrespect is rocker Wang in his crimes, Xue Town or go out to work, virtually all vertical play weifu, bully local officials and people. Ministers clash with eunuchs, eunuchs not redouble our anger, not to the other ledge. The eunuch Head eunuch would have asked of him outside as a slave. Eunuch leader back on some-in Mountain, there will be people outside the flattery, begged them to the Emperor that the ref DDOS erral, to praise their own, and Eunuch leaders needed for their slave, Yan Pei knee snob to meet the psychological needs. Zhengtong Emperor Vibration love playing with him. King head of white surface, no, rocker Wang asked him why not, Wang head a saccharine smile replied: Horse who is ddosing epicbot