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ddosing destiny at startled the Emperor and serve here only a few Sometimes drunk before going t DDOS o bed, clothing solutions lying naked, he is slow. Ladies, about meal time, eunuchs came to fireside, the emperor was a look of anger. While Chongzhen, border tensions, night night-eunuch, clothes to sleep in Sable capsule, capsule Call. Chongzhen emperor often awake at night, and sometimes all the nights can tour a Memorial will make eunuchs to sleep on. From the provisions on Said bed sleeps before the Emperor, eunuchs could not go to sleep. With fire in the Court was cautious, because the woo DDOS d structures Buildings against fire, eunuchs in the diet comes first in the Royal River, carried to the Palace, charcoal Fiery Hot, can't burn coal. Are, of course, younger, looking handsome, good underst DDOS anding of the eunuchs. And Palace rituals and ceremonial activities Eunuchs of the Emperor around to serve the Imperial brand, warm House, the Emperor personally chose the Play an important role of master of ceremonies eunuchs are selecting swift, strong voice, pleasant address. By non-House House serves as the Ming dynasty eunuch in Qing dynasty 24 many of the functions of the Division, eunuchs and the vocational Is clearly shrinking. Eunuch in Qing dynasty, ruling, leading to Internal Affairs DDOS Ministers at Government House. Amount established in the Qing dynasty eunuch 2,400 people, grade four. Eunuchs in the highest position is head too Prison, four products and the 14 people; here's Vice President tube eunuchs, six, eight people; the Chief eunuch, seven, Located 89; Vice President leading eunuch, eight, 43, clerk, Keiji room eight. Its More than ordinary eunuch, for cleaning, guardian battle, no grades. Eunuch in Qing dynasty's main responsibilities was to wait on Huang , Imperial Chancellor. The inner court, the Chief eunuch, Deacon eunuch to take this bad. Emperors, and empresses with food and clothes. At four o'clock needed crowns, robes, belts, shoes and goods used in cer ddosing destiny