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ddosing booter ial ancestral temple line ancestral ceremony, presided over by the Prince, and after salute, spirit Embarked on the drive. Tsz Palace gate, Prince, Prince sent to Desheng gate, and then ride to the mausoleum. The mausole DDOS um, Emperor in peace, and joins the ancestors as well. Palace people throughout six, martyrs Monarch in a funeral in China, where there have been inhumane people dying. Buried alive thing always to bear it, hated by the conscience of the society. Confucius saw imitating one can beat Figurines, lamented: "the culprit causing the no recoil! "Purported to have the figurine is raised mona DDOS rchs, nobility Spring grass when repaying the story hinges on people dying for: Jin from the love doctor Wei Wuzi concubine. Wei Wuzi Illness had commanded his son Wei, his death must have married a concubine, but Wei said he was very ill, The concub DDOS ine immolation. Wei Wuzi's death, Wei was married father's concubine, and said, "are very sick minds DDOS Bewildered, I commanded as his conscious decision. " Later in the auxiliary at the battle of Wei saw the old man Grass on the field, Qin's defeats, the horse was latched onto by grass, upsetting the horse was captured. After the battle, Wei dreamed of old grass, commented: ", father of the married woman. A rule of private life, Is based on reported ". Old daughter from killing a soldier well, grass for Wei. People dying in yin and Zhou Royal rife, quiet after the Millennium, revival at the Ming Court. Yin Zhoushi men martyrs, as ma DDOS ny as hundreds of include not only serve the King's women, as well as young men. Qin Miaogong die, the immolation of at least 177 people, Liang Chen yan, son of income Nakayuki, pin the Tiger Its columns, Qin people to mourn, the yellow bird poetry. Dazhi mausoleum of the first emperor, died, Qin Er Shi Zhao: "the late Emperor's harem by non-child, how it would not be appropriate". Immolation. And Han onwards, killing be buried alive with the dead thing generally does not exist, t ddosing booter