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ddosing black ops 2 d to the West. Deacon enter the temple, removed the curtains and other objects, Try brush Tsz Palace, Deacon Kwun Lung Chun in his Royal Highness to be deactivated, set up booths, God silk, IK-books on Pi Sh DDOS ih Po-yu from Dan. Zu Dian ceremony again, make this drink to sue dead. Farewell to the spirit of the dead ceremony, heir of Emperor was taken to Tsz Palace very near, Facing West, Chamberlain Yu Zi Gong knelt before play, embarked on the spiritual driving. Chamberlai DDOS n was held posthumously issued Po, God silk (summoning pennant), from the temple gate, place, followed Accountable moving Tsz Palace, Deacon in officer lined practice Sha, Sha to block, protect, Azusa, along the stairs, Azusa Ming straying were also moved. At this time, Deacon and deacon officer gingerly lifted Zi Gong Temple, Deacon Lower Hall. Chamberlain Yu Zi Gong knelt befor DDOS e playing, Tsz Palace rising Dragon and Chun. Thus, Deacon Tsz Palace Dragon on Chun, then color curtain decoration Tsz Palace, hold about Sha Yu Zi Temple. Chamberlain q-fan. Guard station Legislative instrument, formerly the Emperor's ceremonial in the former, is followed by posthumous title Po-yu, God silk, Pavilion, Ming-straying, the troops began marching. Guide official guide from the left door, the temple concubine of the Emperor, Prince, and the Prince Palace Families have followed. Interior and transported laying ceremony was held at the Meridian Gate, and Zu Dian ceremony. Then, Chamberlain Tsz Palace on his knees Play, embarked on the spiritual drive, teams start on a journey. Emperors, empresses, Prince, Prince cries very sorrow, Chamberlain played on her knees, The Emperor back to the Palace, and then guided Palace of emperors, empresses. Outside the gate, playing on her knees, make Zi Gong ascended Big liters, so Tsz Palace is on the up. Playing on her knees again, embarked on the spiritual drive, Prince, and the Prince of tears Send. Spirit driving out the side door, stopped, remarks at the Imper ddosing black ops 2