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ddosing software ctober turned into serious Dysentery, personnel soon realized the Empress said: "I can't he died", the light Was poor and ill. October 16 DDOS the last time they Xiyuan diligent summoned officials of the Hall. The other day Are summoned to the newly appointed Fu Zengxiang in Zhili Province, Fu Zengxiang see "Queen Mother of God is exhausted, smell is Disease has been ebbing. Yan Quhui heaven, elegant voice low, tucking in to pillow, the strong support ". Arena 18 years of age for men. Last two opponents are exhausted, the difference is one is 73 years old woman, one is three Fall is the emperor. Guangxu died t DDOS he evening of October 21. That day in the morning, the DDOS Royal Doctor Zhou Jingdao inside pulse, "Imperial son-in-law lay on her back, staring, intending to eat, and their internal oversight More than one person. Palace ware was stolen away by yan, Yu Yu-ting. ERRANTE, complex reign of go See, waving for the former, without a word in a short moment to spit blood King-bed, kneeling myopia, no less sounds ". 3rd October 18, reign of curative medicine Qu Guiting, see reign of abdominal pain, in bed Roll, and Qu Guiting yelled, "gut-wrenching great! "Qu Guiting bearing the Emperor's condition: Jumping surface black, divine decay, Huang Jiao of the tongue, kn DDOS ots, can't sleep at night. In his view, the abdominal pain at this time and the past Disease, "solid rarely connected." Emperor Guang Xu's death can not sufficiently dazzling mystery? If you are a victim, perpetrator who is it? Empress Dowager Cixi Outside, Yuan Shikai, Li Lianying is possible. Yuan Shikai was Emperor Guangxu's most hated man, hated, Yuan Shi-kai You won't know; Li Lianying was around a nail in the eye. They can wait for the reign of Empress Dowager Cixi Pay them after death? This matter at the beginning of this century, could not be verified in a timely manner, human habitation for many years afterwards, People of diverse speculation left. Studies in recent years have, however, repe ddosing software