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ddos call of duty do? Then? "Gang of four" blood of soldiers viewed as sewage is fair Anyway, when I wrote the defending yan ' an, nothing does. I just can't get the soldiers, Forget the people, forget a heroic war, forget fighting for their own education, Great fight record. But is such a work, but also have to be from China Forget the bloody struggle of the Chinese nation for thousands of years of history. From today's perspective, it DDOS just honestly put that Cleaning out is not available on the Earth! A literature DDOS of the times is that we create; creative experience is that we Accumulated by hard work. If even a history reflecting the reality of work is needed to eliminate Snuffed out what hope is there that Chinese literature? Defend the Yan ' an, is the first to try to shape the older generation no One middle-class image of revolutionary novels, one-fourth a century later, in th DDOS e novel collar Domain in this context, seems to be stagnating. This is how painful and best Mo solutions literature Ah! One angrily accusing us of future generations: the DDOS proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation fought followers of Lin Biao and the "gang of four" logic is: I say you say poisonous weeds, is poisonous weeds; I said you were Write for people who left us is such a paucity of literary heritage it? "Gangsta", you are the "gangsta". However, history and reality, is not to take the person's will For the transfer. Iron who violate this rule, whose touch was badly beaten, no matter how high his position, power In the early liberation, a book printed volumes, relatively rare. It can be seen that a crowd is not rejected How big it is. It. After 1959, the book was not printed. Not printed, just inform the authors, Do not. DDOS Authors have no business asking, dared not interfere. To the latter part of the year 1963, my country "educational", Heard somebody ordered the burning of the book. Burning, inform the author, okay? Without notice. Not only Didn't notice, is, so far, no o ddos call of duty