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ddos attack program online ith Dong E Princess stories, one cannot be found, like Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Between chaise longue vivid DDOS historical facts. Precisely because the historical records is not known, only imagination provides the Man, that's fantastic. Rich, legend, Dong E with one of the famous prostitutes in late Ming and Chun wei four small Tung Wan became a History of Emperor shunzhi's favourite Dong Feishi some twists and turns, and Yang situation described above have some Like, they were initially not a concubine of an emperor the emperor Yu. DDOS It was frequented in the Palace of the early Qing dynasty missionaries said, Dong E Was a Manchu noble wife, the nobility by Emperor shunzhi died of abuse. The noble is down Cure's half DDOS -brother, Prince of Xiang-bomubo fruit, a month before he died in the Palace, Dong E. Shunzhi Emperor and Mr Tung Probably first met Prince of Xiang Prefecture of Hubei Province, it can be inferred, Dong E's DDOS beauty attracted the attention of young Dong E into the Palace, always shunzhi Emperor's love, but their love life only lasts d Emperor shunzhi shortly thereafter, the Prince of Xiang's relationship with Dong E transformed Prince of Xiang died of a worried and indignant. Year, death claimed the Dong E. She is. In the line said that Dong E followed in quiet ceremony for her filial piety, and support Dong E what is a woman? JUNJI personally Dong Fei after she died in the line of, Very thoughtful. In recalling their common life, Emperor shunzhi Emperor wrote: she asked me every day living, Imperial care, diet, served as enjoyable to me. Every time I return to court from the outside, she came forward Wenhanwennuan, if I was slightly ill, she would have asked: "your Majesty back late, tired bodies , Right? "Quick steps right away to get me prepared diet, personally served, my meals to her that she would decline. Room temperature is too high, often look to the fire during the night. I marking instruments, often late into the night, she At th ddos attack program online