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jaki program do atakow ddos di, And sons started eating. After Sima Yi to others privately said: "old enough but, bearing in mind the storm I Good ear! ”。 Sima Yan was 30 yea DDOS rs, Sima Zhao died, he replaced his father, immediately forcing Wei Di abdication he Ascended the throne. He was to enjoy only the Emperor may benefit from treatment. Grandfather get frustrated he won't Case, harem is a beauty. Historical records of the jinwudi creating a harem. Too much quantity by a concubine of an emperor, where the ji DDOS nwudi was first headache in the night. Subsequently, invented the sheep Gong Pin are all looking forward to the Emperor of the sheep stopped at his door. At this point, a smart woman show wisdom Cars, buses carrying his sheep roaming on the path in the harem, sheep over whose door, DDOS who serve her. Juice, went to the door and on the way, eating bamboo leaves on the door, and when the bus stopped. Hui, they use bamboo insert in the front, juice to sprinkle salt on the road on the way to t DDOS he door, inducing sheep licking salt Since then, the sheep into the harem of the treasures handed down. Southern dynasties took concubines of the sheep passes in front of the House, Sheep always Consort Pan stopped, licked the salt water. Wendy saw Consort Pan, exclaimed, "Are they all linger for you, people? "Love pour harem Consort Pan. Gong Jin Yu is a rule makes sense to follow after? And the rear spar Dr Cui Lingen's research The result: Imperial concubines in the Royal, 15th round again, starting from the least concubines, and regulation of the Moon And enjoy. Earlier this month the smallest, is growing. Moon symbols yin, feminine. Months of the last day of a lunar month and months looking at the beginning of every month 15 or 15 is a discreet, not so ancient monarchs in this two-day Royal was, because overcast by the last day of a lunar month, and Hope of battling Ming. Of the spring and Autumn period, said "the last day of a lunar month puzzled disease of yin, Ming, lying about jaki program do atakow ddos