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ddos program hackforums s outside the Palace, Lv Yi, Jane calmly answered, "your Majesty don't read the Liu 's, I can't say; read Liu 's, funeral service Should be thick. "Liu Taihou mechanically, compromised. Concubine DDOS Li Chen was the Queen's funeral. This thing Renzong Not be taken into account. Liu Taihou in critical condition, yan to make every effort to keep the King's life, too, he ordered a general amnesty of prisoners Complex positions. Committed DDOS , ordered doctors across the country quickly visiting the capital, and the Empress were relegated one level, deceased Liu Taihou died, King told Renzong: "born to concubine Li Chen of his Majesty, Princess die. "Chen Shock, sadness, regrets, Renzong DDOS is heartbreaking. He was crying, between days wasting away a lot. In Under grief Renzong edict of re DDOS morse. His mother, Li Chen Fei move graveyard to another place, open the coffin lid, Renzong first Other than showy funeral during, posthumously renamed, not to express the mother's memory. Its mother's face for the last time. Concubine Li Chen for mercury real coffin, and jade. Renzong in addition Taichang Emperor's mother Wang, neither spoil, son not seen for many years. When Mitsumune learned that mother Dying, too busy to the mother-house, door closed, door open, rushed in. Wang's dozens of Years of tears, with her eyes blind. Her hand and took her son's clothes, crying, "grow up, I hate! "And ended with tears. Seven, the Queen's story Harem is a place, right desire, lust lurking here, struggled. Gaining ground Who can play what they want, losing lives to preserve at all costs. Behind the heavy curtain, dirty, shameless Can be dotted. Work quietly, or leisurely manner. Outsiders to peek, and finally settled upon in the historians ' writings However, the ancient road between men and women. Queen (Queen Mother) is the sound of a woman, since the right to Can make the emperor have an unlimited number of spouses, the Queen (the Queen Mother) on men and women, and it also Not ddos program hackforums