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ddos program css een's identity for the first time, accept the continued worship DDOS of officers. Wedding day Angel and the nvguan to pick Fengying Queen. Back home, the Prophet took the emperor to marry Queen, Queen's father handed the ceremonial reply table with Messenger. Messenger on instructions from the emperor to meet the Queen, Si Yan This smell is played Queen, Queen DDOS , thanks again. Queen's fathers warn daughters according to stipulations: "King of the ring, always free Disobey ". At this point, up to Queen, Empress Yu, out the door to meet the Queen Halogen book team happy and dignified heading for the Palace. Imperial tent Temple lie in East point. Laying on the ground to DOI, located around the screen a s DDOS croll of cloth or silk with an appropriate message attached, containing congratulations or condolences. That night, the feeding rate its official end in Marriage of the Emperor starting from the night of the wedding. Shang Gong, is still sleeping in the bed of the Emperor palace housed Royal tent, Food food is playe DDOS d on her knees ready. Emperor also invited the Queen to sit. Iron Maiden, respectively, of Leek zu, Food, sauce, zu minced meat sauce, a stand for food at sacrifice, Inoko a stand for food at sacrifice, millet, JI, rice, fruit, food included chopsticks. Yet Step on minced meat sauce, corn, millet, and rice, Liang, into the Festival in bean (Festival). After decorated respectively to the Emperor, the then Secretary, serve on Towels, hand towel used when drinking. Two kneeling before taste food, identification of non-toxic, and millet and broomcorn millet Ridge (Bone dried meat) delegated with the Empress. Kings and Queens were eating three meals. Food, eating two wash hand wash Jue, Two wine glass, grant, back. And after the cult, and line drawing. After salute, the waiters to withdraw food. Kings and Queens ready ruqin, Palace of the Emperor in the East room, took off his Crown Clothes, change into uniforms. Another Queen into the tent, take off your ddos program css