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ddos protection windows the main hall, on the center axis, the Emperor daily heari DDOS ng of Here, after the middle period of the Tang dynasty, and after the funeral here. Two meters North of the Temple of Gan Monroe Palace, the Temple of the Dragon, is a medium-term residence of the Emperor of the Tang dynasty palace. DDOS Bed of the Emperor of the Tang dynasty palace called the Palace of Eternal Life, Its auspicious significance. In the Chang hen GE "July 7, changsheng Palace", the Emperor Temple lie in the Huaqing Palace. By boat. According to history books, and Xuanwu door inci DDOS dent occurs, the tanggaozuliyuan are boating in the pool. Visible There are three hung taiji Palace pool, pools, pool in the North Sea, the East China Sea South China Sea pool, the Emperor, Imperial concubines were pan- East of daminggong taiji Palace, also known as the East. Daminggong was originally a Tai Chi Gong Houyuan, near the Dragon Taiji Palace of the Tang dynasty on a large scale, in the Sea North of the Palace pool, can't hear Xuanwu door movement. 60 or 70 feet high. Weiyang Palace of t DDOS he Han dynasty are also among the longshoushan fold East high, weiyang Palace is higher than Chang. Tang First Hill, higher than topography of taiji Palace. In Wei river bends to the East coast of longshoushan, Hills High 20 feet, the mountain Daminggong East in the weiyang Palace, piling higher. Daming Palace greater expansion than regulation of taiji Palace, built on the mountain, magnificent. Daming Palace House of hanyuan, was located on the three-meter-high pedestal, the whole House four feet above the Plains. Afar, Hall back against the blue sky, tall and powerful, fear the heart soul. Emperor hanyuan hearing, looking DDOS down at the foot of the Chang an Beside the stone railings, upper deck railings sad lines which extend Chi head pattern, lower deck railings sad lines which extend Lotus, both The city. In front of the Hall are three "Dragon's tail" or is ground up into the steps of the Basilica. Dragon's tail ddos protection windows