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free vps ddos protection y does not, of course, to real-world ideas. So I come back to reality: spare time! hurry up now!   So I went back to "what if" suspended swing. ……   In recent years, shake the Earth series of historical events has inspired my mood, DDOS made me anxious, I think my dream plan of action. However I have no space. Sickly wife, teaches his daughter, even I got three people, living in a little house. Sometimes working in the field, the second daughter and son back, are a family of five in the same room. His DDOS wife moaned in, and children of noisy sound in ear; anyone, everyone to listen to one of the guest DDOS s, family talk, and winter room zhongan a stove, bedroom and kitchen. So one of them 100 times here: If we can build a little house in the yard, that's nice!   Determination made up my mind: in such a big city, has nothing, nothing!   Yes, if I had a room with a separate cabin, even if it is just to be able to put it down a little table and a Chair, that I don't have to waste time, that would be tantamount to prolong life.   Wood it? takes several sized thick and two feet long purlins, and over 100 small Rafter. Daughter teaches at a middle school in the western suburbs, thanks to the teacher, thanks to student and find find. Found, trustee tricycles home. Dozens of miles here and could not take care of himself? sickly wife cooks.   Dirt? is calculated by cart in the countryside, a couple of cart. Fortunately there are two places in the nearby dug bomb shelters, dug mound of Earth in the side of the road, and can do whatever you want to. All the bones, your pick! daughter helped sometimes. Pick out and then toward the backyard to pick. Stairs, door, down the steps, zigzag, comes to the backyard. Picked up hundreds of Dan!   It was after the earthquake rips everywhere on the walls, old houses. Many people with labor, pushing a trolley up shit bricks, made earthquake sheds of publ DDOS ic wood, in the yard outside the hospital built a guest house. free vps ddos protection