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ddos froggen meme e vast baiqianwan robbery, which is our moment "this" is our "right now?" said he is "this" is "now", he was already flashy, has already become the "past". We confused James to paste get rid of him, not a pity?   Some philosophers say, but there is "t DDOS he past" and "future", and not "now". Some said, "the past" and "future" are "now". I thought "the past and the future is now" have a point. "Now" is all "past" into the world, in other words, all "past" wer DDOS e buried in the "now". It is a trend of thought in the age of, not just in this day and age that can be created out of thin air, not realizing how many "past" era, which can be said to be almost all "past" era, which formed a makeshift.   At present there are two unknown love "today" of people: one is tired of "this" person, one is the "now" person.   "This," people are unconscious of the interest-free people, are "now" all who meet. They feel that the situation can be easy attracting, rat DDOS her than aggressive, and then to create. This loss of "this" benefits of block evolutionary trends, ad nauseam "today" without distinction.   Eager retro man, say is that "now" the mirror of how dark, how vile, evil how deep, how intense the scourge. You want to know "now" the mirror if this is true, dark, sordid and Sin so great that the scourge of such, are also "in the past," the legacy of evil, absolutely not "now"; attributed to "now", is absolutely not. If you want to change him, but efforts to revive the "past".   According to this reason I speak it, waterfall, stream, ever really running for eons to come. Our "I", our lives and never all of life's trend, with the big reach, expand thought continued, in turn, thought development. There is really the driving f DDOS orce that life is change.   I wrote this in the most concise one sentence article saying: Lu Xun with Wang Guowei Author: Guo Moruo   We were alive, is not enough, "this" here ", '" dream "in the future" for consumption by mistake "now ddos froggen meme