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where did froggen ddos come from rivers, fish, species of Lotus root, ships sailing kinds of farms, banana, sugar cane, one of the rivers and fields. Currently the longest cable-stayed bridge in China, DDOS its main 4.58 km long, main channel of inclined cable span of 888 meters, puts up the estuary of the Pearl River, the bridge built, ending in East Guangdong, Western Guangdong waters across the horizon of history. Sunflower garden Wetlands In May, millions of bloom "Sunflower Ocean". Mi DDOS llion sunflower Park is the first Sunflower Gardens as an ornamental plant and is designed very large topic parks, the Park has 1 million sunflower, more than 20 varieties from Europe and Japan to introduce, including 10,000 Netherlands Impressionist van Gogh's favorite clocks – van Gogh sunflower sunflower varieties. Riding line Fr DDOS om the wanqingsha to the South is a vast wetland, is not only one of the four major wetland estuary, is one of the three birds in the world--a necessary points in Siberia to Australia route, known as the "kidney of Guangzhou," said. Here, not only the 11 species of protected birds, and also national level protected birds, the world can be found, such as the endangered black-faced spoonbill, white spoonbill species. Guangzhou shiqiao, Nansha and spacious new Sha-Ken, for two days. Line characteristics Provincial highway, State Highway, rural roads cross, of high quality. Along the scenic river more densely woven, reminding one of rivers. Along the town lot, accommodation is not a problem, both in and out of Guangzhou's bus o DDOS n the way from time to time may run into one or two auto repair shop. Riding no difficulty, for leisurely sightseeing trip. Vehicle equipment requirements Vehicles not required, General bicycles can be. Bring sunscreen, basic riding gear. Recommended number of Recommended cycling season Anything goes. However it is not recommended, because of still a lot of cars on the road in the vicinity of Guangzhou, people prone to dangerous. Summer and autumn seasons where did froggen ddos come from