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why does froggen get blamed for ddos ding speeds, no more than 5-hour ride from Nanjing DDOS to dangtu. Dangtu today to stay there, finding good hotels, drop your backpack, you can go check out the tomb of Li Bai. Li Bai's tomb was not in dangtu County, but in between da DDOS ngtu and Wuhu highway from dangtu about 10 kilometers or so. According to the actual situation from dangtu ride roundtrip to visit the tomb of Li Bai, or catch the passing bus is very convenient. At night, can not find a roadside stall, point 35 of cake, two bottles of beer, and relax while she watched people coming and going in the small town. 2nd day dangtu-gravel Cliff-Nanjing Gravel Cliff is located in maanshan city suburbs, f DDOS rom the quarry Cliff into the Ma ' Anshan City area only 5 km. Ma On Shan town centre has a very nice rain Mountain Lake, few places have such a Lake nestled together in so close t DDOS o the city. Bike may wish to go to the rain Mountain Lake, can feel a different atmosphere here. Next day's goal is the quarry cliff, and rode back to Nanjing. Dangtu to just 10 km from the quarry cliff, beautiful four-lane blacktop. "Rocky" meaning River Hill, Quarry cliff, Anhui and Hubei, Jiangsu chenglingji swallow cliff and called three famous Cliff on the Yangtze River. Quarrying Angeles major attractions are the Star Cafe, Cenotaph Memorial Hall, Li Bai, and so on. In the vast plains of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, Quarry Cliff looking down endless rivers rolling on and could feel a very open atmosphere. Second part of Zhenjiang Regional profiles Riding line Ma On Shan to Nanjing Nanjing expressways. Of course, bikes are not on the freeway, only 204 national road. This section of highway is a three-lane asphalt road traffic more Highway and the reason, the road conditions are not very good. However, this is a way home, two days of hard work around down, think warm home just ahead, there wouldn't be the right way too many complaints. -Baohua mountain in Nanjing-Zhenjiang, visited Zhenjiang three mountain why does froggen get blamed for ddos