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froggen ddos ocelote video g mountain was Qing dynasty classified for "Qing tanglin" of "Hou Dragon Feng Shui District" sanctuary, seal for Royal Feng S DDOS hui treasure. DDOS Wulingshan national nature reserve is the only type of forestry national nature reserve, Hebei province, but also from the capital Beijing recently most potential national nature reserve. Wuling clients "and distribution of macaca mulatta in Northern temperate forest ecosystems". Various plants compositions of both ecosystem complexity and diversity, is a treasure trove of temperate biodiversity reserves and biological resources. Autumn in Wuling mountain you can enjoy a special three quarters of the m DDOS ountain landscapes, mountain snow, g DDOS orgeous mountain autumn forest, mountain grass is green in summer, scenic area has both Keeling rocks and streams spring waterfall, is the preferred location of summer tour in autumn. Riding line Sanyuan bridge-Willow Island-clouds-Dachengzi-brisk, dried, entire 290 km, 3 days, which need to ride for 2 days. Line characteristics Vehicle equipment requirements The line one way more than 140 kilometers, traffic is more complex, on a two-day round trip. Departure from sanyuan bridge to Miyun 101 national highway road conditions generally good, but you want to maintain a good physical fitness, rest and supplement drinking water along to return sloping road and not obvious, to control the speed. Due to the sake away, requires high speed security, it is strongly recommended the use of road vehicles. Recommended number of Preferably around 6. Ride time This route due to cr DDOS oss the plains in a mountainous area, be sure to bring enough tools and spare parts for the vehicle repair; cycling gloves and helmets are required safety equipment; mobile phone signal is generally good, but it is recommended that players with two radios easy to lead and ending ties bring warm clothes. 9, October, in the course of the Wuling mountain views of the most beautiful. Specific itinerary The 1th day-lunch-Xinglo froggen ddos ocelote video