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ddos for dummies corero . Seasons are not distinct, no extreme heat in summer, there is no severe cold temperatures one year less, mean annual temperature is high. Clear dry season, the rainy season, in winter and spring drought and rainy in summer and autumn, many tropical cyclones every year in May-November is the rainy season and typho DDOS on season. Sunny summer solar radiation is very intense. Line characteristics December-April. For students, working people, spring break is an appropriate choice. During the Spring Festival, Hainan's beach water temperature suitable for swimming. Hainan ring roads is better, dominated by national road and provincial road, traffic can still be, little terrain is dominat DDOS ed by plain and Hill, little height difference; accommodation along fairly easily, with views of the tropical landscape. Riding level Riding time 9 days The best trip Haikou-Sanya Recommended number of Featured vehicles Is not limited. But considering a longer route, depart long distances in order to prevent from physical differences, preferably less than 10 people. Essent DDOS ial equipment Demand for vehicles is not high. Long-distance station wagon, mountain bikes, road car is the right choice, transmission is required. Best not to select front and rear shock absorbers dirt bike, because the "idle heroes:" instead of wasting energy. Vehicles need to install shelves laden with baggage. In addition, several Beach camping, if you have the intention to bring camping gear. Swimming suit, beach shoes, is the sea and the most beautiful beaches of Hainan, don't swim too bad. Part II introduction to dreams as far as Hainan area Si DDOS mple tubes, engine tools, sunglasses, sunscreen, a raincoat, luggage rain cover, headlight or headlamp, Yan Dan, ten drops (non-winter ready), the slightly thicker coat (winter). Regional profiles Hainan cycling there are three routes: East line, Central and West. This three-line start and end points are in Haikou and Sanya, passing through the Eastern, Central ddos for dummies corero