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fortguard anti-ddos firewall advanced v2.6 , one team is 20 km, you can stay, before setting out to find out well in advance. 17th day of team living in 214 nat DDOS ional highway kilometers, or look for lodging along the Tibetan. 18th day of Sang Kazhen small Inn, where conditions are difficult. 19th day of accommodation, riwoqe County, riwoqe County, downtown, billboards everywhere telecommunications, accommodation in nature are much less problematic. Riwoq DDOS e services are dominated by Sichuan army, can eat are Sichuan cuisine. The first part Tang tubo thrift body stroke (6) Cha Jiema Hall (2) the ride if you think too hard, you can take a passing truck to riwoqe, it is not recommended, because it will miss the way most simple and full of beautiful Tibetan style and unique landscapes. DI20-21-day r DDOS iwoqe-changdu (105 km), chamdo tour Description: white line is far from the top, is to pass the streamer heavy wheels, 1.1 points to its close. Accommodation: bring your own lunch and water, very lively in changdu city, there are a lot of restaurants and hotels to choose from. There are Internet cafes with Internet DDOS access. Di22-32 changdu-Lhasa (1062 km) Riding Tip: If the day to chamdo, Pearl was trying to corner the pass side after a team (fourth team), you can stay. Kanasi Lake mystery line summary of the first part (1) Starting from changdu route coincides with the Sichuan-Tibet line into Tibet, which routes will be in the book "riding in Sichuan-Tibet line" done in detail, see page 80-88. If you see kanas, then you'll understand that favorite ... ... Kanas Lake as a quiet, shy and lying in the mountains of arms, like a gentle woman unaware of girls. Behind the great Altai is her lover, right? Cage her tenderly, to summon up the rain and snow to her moist, to summon up the autumn, up her skirt. This is how the love? --The lines authors speakers Route summary Riding line Scenario one: town of Burqin-chonghuer--Altay, kanas-chonghuer town-Hai Scenario two: habahe-tiereketi-white-HA BA-kanas-chonghuer t fortguard anti-ddos firewall advanced v2.6