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vbulletin ddos firewall of Princess Wencheng Temple, legend has it that more than 1300 years ago, Princess Wen Cheng road Here Shi, life people in Valley of Cliff Shang carved has "big day Buddha", nine statue statues, A. D. 710, Tang Bo second times marriage, Sung Kim Princess into hid mating hid Wang Chide zuzan passing here Shi, found has this styling unique of nine statue statues, to protection Princess of merit not by eternal storm denudation, she orders craf DDOS tsman repair temple be protection, and gave name "Princess Wencheng Temple". In addition to Princess Wencheng Temple, Lebas ditches there are rock paintings in more than 10 locations, Lebas Groove rock paintings, mainly in Buddha, bodhisattva, Pilgrim, animals, etc. DDOS Lebas Sabina also known as ditch, the ditch ditch Bennet, the Tibetan language, meaning "beautiful Groove." Lebas Groove rock paintings, mainly in Buddha, bodhisattva, Pilgrim, animals, etc. Nangqen-1048 di17-19 day team (83 k DDOS m)-a Samka-riwoqe (105 km) Synopsis: from nangqian qamdo is hell on the road, view let both hell and heaven. 18th day of leave from team continue to climb, Xie Gala to 4,505 m abo DDOS ve sea level on the pass, the mountain road is very bumpy, may make him unable to brake in a row. Downhill into the song Chak timelapse Gorge, not far ahead is the cut-off point of Qinghai and Tibet road – duopuma, Ching Hong Road 1085 km, so far into Tibet. After PUMA is still riding in the Canyon, spectacular, methyl sonca reached that night. This section is the largest section of row variables: bad road, the scanty crowd, the weather variable. 17th day of nangqian road starts, but is almost constantly throughout the day in the mountains, very hard. Today will pass through white tie forest, mountains and pine can be seen. Reached the 214 national highway away from the team in the evening. Riding tips (1) down the road here more, bad road conditions, ride safely. Accommodation: three days to bring their own lunch and water. Not much place to stay on the road vbulletin ddos firewall