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best firewall to block ddos e the highest peak nianqingtanggula, majestic, Holy. Good roads, the road remained several gentle slopes to climb, 4, 5 o'clock in the afternoon to reach the yangbajain. The yangbajing geothermal Yangbajain is a place known for geothermal, in a small town surrounded by grasslands, often you can see a thick white steam rising circles on the ground, it's famous yangbajing geothermal hot springs. Here, you can comfortably take a hot spring bath. Has rich geothermal resources in DDOS yangbajing, surrounded by grasslands, huge fountains of distribution and DDOS geysers, hot springs, lakes, hot springs, hot springs and hot water. Here is China's first developed land of wet steam fields, is world's highest geothermal power station. Hot Springs keep the water temperature of about 47 ° c, high mineral contents, immersion bath can treat a variety of diseases. Among the snow-capped mountains, cozy heat poses a fascinating natural wonders on the roof of the world. T DDOS hrough the western suburbs the "Lhasa welcomes you" sign, Lhasa is finally just around the corner. Downhill all the way to Lhasa from the yangbajain, road becau DDOS se the new, flat, road, walk through the Canyon, bend in a mountain path, to check the brakes before setting out and control the speed. Street roars along mountain streams are running the Lhasa River, flowing, roaring waves; the road is the beautiful rape flowers and barley fields. The episode was riding in the picture. Accommodation: yangbajain station, or the 23rd day of geothermal Guest House, the 24th day in Lhasa, of course. Riding Tip: Lhasa, just around the corner, don't get too excited, beware of slow. Note 1 hand-not to carry large amounts of cash, money can have a post office and a bank. Postal passbook is currently the case, it can withdraw money in networked post offices in remote areas of Tibet, even in Ngari. Can be used followed by the Bank of China card in Lhasa. Agricultural Bank and China Construction Bank DDOS also established branches in Lhasa. best firewall to block ddos