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firewall to stop ddos l highway 214 demarcation point, a face at the fork where the white statue of Princess Wencheng. Behind the Prince DDOS ss Wencheng, the right hand road national highway 109 to Lhasa, left hand path for 214 national highway going towards the direction of yushu. 3rd day daotanghe dark horse-Jiangxi ditch-River (124 km) Synopsis: riding along Lake, Shui, hunranyise. Accommodation: bring your own lunch and water. Overnight at Black River House (bungalow), 15 yuan/pe DDOS rson. Out daotanghe, new shop of 109 highway a wide expanse of, soon on can arrived Qinghai Lake side, road away from Qinghai Lake only hundreds of m, block block cyan of small tent on support in Lake side of grass Shang, road on both sides of is dozens of m wide bloom of rape, no continuous, no clutter, neatl DDOS y of arranged in highway on both sides of, like two article Golden of satin with along Lake Bank extends to distance. In this way, can totally get a glimpse of what the vast Qinghai Lake, sky blue, blue, Tin Shui Isshiki, looked not to the sides. 4th day-rubber-tea card Dark Horse River towns (90 km) Description: rubber may climb mountains is a painful process, but for the mountain scenery, we have to move on and move forward. Looking back on the one eye blue, Ho-Miao of the Qinghai Lake, rubber began to climb the mountain journey. Said "journey" for today's climb could not be overemphasized, since rubber is the journey in the first difficult mountain to climb. Rubber-coated hills geographically part of the South Qinghai mountains, 4,451 meters above sea level, than the sea, Sun and moon, the pipeline not only many, and slope road rubber is mostly 30-40, and even steeper slopes, Sun and moon, gently sloping uphill relative to it is really child's play. Note: this can have one of two choices: take a day to visit Bird Island in Qinghai Lake and then backtrack Black River, or continue to leave. In the town of Black River fork in the road, a highway leading to the bird island of Qinghai Lake, about 70 kil firewall to stop ddos