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outpost firewall защита от ddos when you climbed the s DDOS loping top. 2nd day return (the way) Pixian County, Chengdu-part III-Asian bridge Old Palm Groove feels are very "simple" simple barely see what wild, occasionally see a farmin DDOS g tricycle drove past in a hurry. But it was this simple, will only make a very impressive memory, anyone who enjoys close with nature and people will wan DDOS t the whole world to be like there is as simple and pleasant. This route is relatively short trips, can end this road trip in a day. Along the mountains or in the city rarely seen, will surely relax your mood, after visit to the Dragon Temple, you'd imagine its verve, but now the DDOS desolate landscape will give you a great shock; practiced hand driving the off-road buggy in natural sites, it must be very satisfying, that's what this holiday brings you pleasure DDOS . Route summary Drive line Line characteristics -Pixian in Chengdu-Asia bridge Drive level Off-road recreational level. Loop roads are generally good, along with a natural cross-country venue, off-road and enthusiasts play. Travel time 1 day. Featured vehicles, as well as the number Classic short line around this line along the road conditions can make people relaxed driving high-grade highways with ordinary asphalt and shashilu, more off-road enthusiasts like natural off-road venues let you fully enjoy the fun of driving gives you. Along the way you can enjoy the scenery of Sichuan basin, and a visit to the ancient dragon Temple, this line is driving excursion for guests on weekends and holidays. Essential equipment Suggested driving off-road travel, you can better appreciate the scenery of nature. Numbers do not require. Regional climate Compass, mud tyres, simple repair tools, spare tire, tow rope, emergency warning signs if a convoy recommended that must-have car radio. This self-drive holiday region belong to the subtropical zone moist monsoon climate, warm in winter and early spring, hot in summer and autumn, cloud and more, average annual tem outpost firewall защита от ddos