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outpost firewall pro ddos Badaling, a section of road congestion. State Road from Xuanhua exit on highway 112, along State Road 112 after Zhao DDOS chuan, long closed, all ages of the three fork, fro DDOS m old and young after Tun heads North into the provincial road to Akagi, arrived in Chicheng County, 4 km. Part III-old Beijing Palm Groove (2) Akagi after driving about 2 km east along County Road, then drive about 3 kilometers Northwest to reach the old Palm Groove. No attractions in old Palm gully, Gorge South of wild white birch, North of long grass, there was only a natural color, there is almost no human habitation, where you'll feel really came to a primitive world of your dreams. Note Old Palm gully has many more difficult trails can be used to practice the car, surrounded by Castle DDOS Peak, practiced in the city feel of DDOS luxury. Beside the mountain streams are not very deep, just in time for your car to get four-wheel drive around on a "rapid cross", on the River, the current traffic, like a duck! The ditch filled with gravel, sand, car dealers, like a dragon wear Sha, Victor. In the early evening to prepare for a picnic at night time in such a clean, fresh environment to build a fire, people looking at the stars, chatted, feels really good. Proclaims off-road camping place here! Through the ditches, slow slow going in the vehicle through a shallow ditch, and diagonal cross to enter, so that round of cross-channel, another round of coaxial into the ditch. 1 block by crossing a deep ditch, if there are DDOS drive units, which should be started. Into the Groove when you step on the gas at the end of a quick climb up the gully. To protect the environment, do not leave nothing but footprints and tire tracks. Ravines and is formed by water erosion, you should choose the appropriate place. Through the observation before stopping, then slow close, when it reaches the shore, and brake slowly into the ravines, then accelerate to cruising speed, front wheel contact to the other side and step on the gas outpost firewall pro ddos