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mikrotik firewall ddos attack nspoilt. DuReSi is the oldest wood-frame high-rise towers in China. Centres, Kwan-Yin statue is 16 meters high, charity is d DDOS ignified, yidai wavers, are spectacular. On both sides of the bodhisattvas and the gate of heavenly King, as well as painted sculpture of Liao dynasty treasures. Guanyinge d mural of the statue and the 16 arhats PRT immortal, as a painter during the Ming dynasty. Beijing-shidu-the yesanpo-tanzhe Temple Notes: from the prosperous North Taoyuan road most great, vehicle no DDOS t much, but on the huangyaguan to Northern Taoyuan this section of the road is quite narrow. Route summary Because this route is a tourist hot line, along the way there are many famous resorts and expensive. Roasted whole lamb between 300-380, of course, distinguished restaurants are also featured on the sides of the road, such as wild hotel is located opposite the yesanpo Crest DDOS Resort nice, same great goat roast will take about 180 yuan. Drive line Beijing-shidu-the yesanpo-tanzhe Temple Line characteristics National Road and expressway sections in addition to road conditions good, but many road sections, friend is a test for the trip. Drive level Off-road recreational level. Travel time 2 days. Featured vehicles, as well as the number May encounter some mountain roads, it is recommended that driving an SUV to; the number is not required. Common car repair, tires, if you prefer camping to bring a tent, sleeping bag, m DDOS at, can also bring some over for a cookout with tools. Essential equipment Regional climate This self-driving tour an area typical of temperate subhumid continental monsoon climate, seasons and July is the hottest, the annual average temperature is 11 ° c. Precipitation is concentrated in 7 August. Part II swimming 15 weekends driving trail (10) Circuit details The 1th day of driving to shidu typically takes 4 hours, a number of road Shidu was originally a suburb of ten of Juma river crossings, yesanpo in Juma River upstream, this line is the mikrotik firewall ddos attack