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anti ddos firewall linux pation in sport is a little different, in the United States Middle and high schools, campaigns have been very important, are taken seriously. There is a famous book named FridayNightLights (Friday night lights). The book was published in a dozen years ago, won the media award--a Pulitzer Prize. It tells of DDOS a story of fanatical support a high school football team of the city. Every Friday night to a team game the number reached 20,000. Career game in DDOS many countries, it is hard to experience this scene. This book is so popular. Visible, how high the American emphasis on sport. The sixth fashion consumption: emotional, personal issue 54: phone reduces your own time Issue 54: Phone reduces your own time Yuan Yue (VictorYuan): My favor DDOS ite sport is basketball. Our company organizes two basketball teams, every Thursday, organizing a competition, I will participate in each. We also organize a team to and customers outside the competition. In addition to basketball, we also organized games such as badminton and swimming. This company o DDOS rganized sport is relatively common. Stadiums, people always have a full, advance booking required. The last 5 years, almost all sports, Chinese involved in both promoted. Especially basketball and football hobby became young people a wide range of sports. Movement place also changed, some plants into a sports venue. In addition to this, have been built in many places. As a service, is the world's first mobile communications in China's growth rate. Total number of mobile phones has now exceeded fixed telephone. Now, the ownership of mobile phones in China and the United States are the same. Almost all mobile phone brands are sold in China. The last three or four years, mobile phone, mobile phone brand has become more diversified. Now, about one-third phones are domestic brands DDOS . DavidJ  Firestein (square): Yuan Yue (VictorYuan): This mobile payment relationship with China. DavidJ  Firestein (square): Mobile development is closel anti ddos firewall linux