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anti ddos firewall and public health charity work there has been some progress. DavidJ  Firestein (square): Public attention has been put on the Green top 5 hot Yuan Yue (VictorYuan): At present, China is in the stage of rapid economic development, often at the expense of other costs. Development feature of this p DDOS eriod was with the economic development and the overall deterioration of the environment. As a whole, the current can be DDOS found in industrial, agricultural and domestic pollution, belongs to the overall pollution status, but haven't solved the good advice. The general public has been put on the environmental concerns of top 5 hot spots, compared with the situation in the past few years, we feel that at present more serious environmental problems and higher visibility. On government spending DDOS on environmental governance and law enforcement have increased. For example, in the governance of automobile exhaust in, now, many of the city's vehicles, but the air was better than before. However, contrast the extent to which the deterioration of the environment, and growing. Industrial pollution in the largest, about 50% or 60% got control; pollution, such as hotel sewage and DDOS sewage treatment less. The neglected agricultural pollution and pollution such as pesticides, agricultural fertilizers and rat-killing drug abuse abuse abuse. Waste gas emissions could see, pesticide contamination is invisible, we do not see, but involves more people or even everyone, a place of pesticide pollution so severe that even the sparrows are almost extinct, you can imagine the content of pesticide residue in agricultural products and to receive the treatment is the least of it. Fifth chapter enriches the socio-economic life, alienated topic 45: DDOS Consumer Protection Committee Of course, balance economic development and environmental development began to get quite a few influential people in Chinese society's attention. I have read the address by the Deputy Director of the State environmental prot anti ddos firewall