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java ddos example g died. , Vanguard said. DDOS   It is said, video switching, the outline of someone's back is no longer a shadow before. Former shadow is invisible, only in the same place. Photographic step by step according to the mirror, would know before the shadow and the outline of someone's back had not been moved.   (9) "don't run over", with two agree on though (9) is negative. "Momentum" on the one hand, the wheels turn, not public venue; birds to fly, into a shadow only; arrow lines, DDOS do not stop. From "" on the one hand, the wheel turned, every public venue; the bird to fly, birds also stopped, shadow also stopped; arrow line, never moving.   (3) "Ying world", which is what Zhuangzi said, "there is great in minor details, and a surname for t DDOS he smaller" was intended. Ying is small, the world is great, than the infinite promise of space, there are no more, it can be said "Ying world".   That some call will suffice for space time difference is subjective differences, are not there.   The dog, the dog. "Bye dog non-dog".   The small take articles that:   Stolen, and people, too. Stolen, not many people, no stealing, not unmanned. …… Love stolen non-lovers. Kill st DDOS ealing, not killing.   People who steal, before it can be called "theft". It can be said: "non-kill dogs killing dogs", "killing a thief is not killing people."   Long "When a white horse is not a horse" says, is this truth. Gong sunlong · white horse articles says:   These articles had just one point. From the "universals" think on, dogs are dogs, stealing is a human one, it can be said: "the dog, the dog" "stolen, and people, too. "But" is divided against itself, "looks like the difference between" no tag "dogs (Shao Jinhan says," my son born Shaggy is not for dogs. ") Before it can be called a" dog "(of the Qu Li Shu Yun: a, dogs, dogs of. Generally, big dogs, little dogs).   This paragraph from object "is divided against itsel DDOS f," on the differences, and gener java ddos example