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ddos extra life charity rom these doctrines as Long DDOS on his own doctrine. But these "debates", Long the most renowned, descendants of his the theory of general theories (such as the madness · zeny article). We do not know who "argue" name (families namely the madness · zeny article of Han Tan, go one tone), ar DDOS ticle 21 of the world and the madness · zeny article 7, are classified as "Long and his defense" doctrine.   (5) the horse has the eggs.   (6) Choji.   (7): if it's hot.   (8) exit.   (9) to lose ground.   (10) No.   (11) does not, to many (the madness of "means to").   (12) is longer than the snake and tortoise.   (13) moment invariants, regulation must not be rounded.   (14) tunneled through su DDOS rrounding Tenon.   (15) the bird's shadow areas (of the madness of the "shadow does not move").   (16) arrowhead vector of the disease, and at a time when there are no more than.   (17) non-dog dog (the madness of "When a white horse is not a horse". Agree with this. Said details below).   (18) yellow horse, Le beef, three.   (19) black white dog.   (20) the lone foals have never had (the madness of "orphan might have").   (21) a foot of flo DDOS g, take half day, Jesus Christ forever (the madness of "endless").   In addition the madness there is "no heart", "thousand-Jun" articles.   IV General remarks. These doctrines, people tend to use "sophistry" the word condemn out of hand. Neighbor such as Zhang Taiyan extremely overrated Hui Shi, not 21, and too inflammatory says:   First, on the space time all differences are not real. (3) (9) (15) (16) (21), secondly, on the differences between non-absolute. This group is divided into two tiers:   Defence is unique among "the birds", "arrowhead arrow" or "flog" debate, vexation, when desired. "Eye no", "not", "Don public venue". Many others lost. Argued that, in order to not to. Hence the saying "dog colorless", "white dog black" is not. So called re ddos extra life charity