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ataques ddos em sites osophy does not speak of eyes and ears experience, said the ambitions in our heart. For example, Lao Zi said:   This focus on the eyes and ears experience is fundamental to science.   Justice who knows there is no way in the world, with all the eyes and ears of the truth of knowing with a surviving instrument. Or smell it, see it, then they have. Mo DDOS Wenmo, you will think no (Ming ghosts).   Say the first table. The first table is "in ancient shengwang thing." MO-hated Confu DDOS cian "vintage" argument, so the non-Confucianist text that:   Ancient and effective, and today is not a bad idea to follow; the ancients harmful, why should we fall for it? So says:   Track: "a gentleman will take, and benevolence. "I belong to" the so-called old clothes, is an excellent. Clothing of the ancients, it is a gentleman. "Mo opposes" vintage ", why should I use" ancient shengwang thing "for demonstration of DDOS standard? Mozi's first and third tables are the same, the third table talking about practical applications now and in the future, practical applications of the first table that was in th DDOS e past. Experience of past experiences, you can do a mirror for us.   Where, suitable for three generations of San Wang Yaoshun Yu tang Mo, for.   Where, suitable for three generations of storm King tyrant secluded heated homes. (' You ') it's not retro, old-fashioned, it is "reviewing the new", "Chang to review". The Lu Wen articles say:   This is the "Chang to review" approach. All scientific laws, and with this the same way.   Where the country will choose works and how. Countries, the words Shang Xianshang. National poverty, then buried the conservation section of the language. National -tone charm be given to heavy drinking, DDOS then language music of death by accident or violence. National procurement or obscure offensive, then the language of respect about ghosts. State wins encroach, language of love not to attack. Hence the saying optional Yan (Lu ataques ddos em sites