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dos emulator online d death", "not God, DDOS how the hell". Added: "religion away." Zi Gong asked 18 remember the dead of the said Court have known ignorance, Confucius said: "my wanting to speak the dead know yeah, Shun Sun Fangsheng, devoted son to die. Vic DDOS tim of ignorance, fear of unfilial sons abandoned not buried. Given for information on the dead know ignorance, killed Xu Zi is known, still not too late. "This still is skepticism (Agnosticism). Later Confucian say no ghosts.   MO is a very dedicated to the salvation of man, he saw a national tragedy of the war, bear in mind, therefore advocated for "non-attack" theory. Before he th DDOS ought that "bridge" policies (such as decorating the bridge), is unlikely to include. "The bridge", all "people of the country, if their country is treated; depending on the person's home, depending on their home, depending on the person's body, dependi DDOS ng on their body." This is mo-"universal love" theory.   How can the history of China, does the second "fear no hardships profit world" people? Mozi was a religious home. He hated those Confucian do not believe in the supernatural, but pay attention to fete funeral.   "For example, a person had ten sons, lazy son nine, only one son tried to plow his fields. People eat so much, so less people farming, farming is the son of the very good efforts in the fields. Now the world of people refusing to do righteous things, you are advised me to do more with it. Why anti-advised me not to do it? "(Kiyoshi article) what a spirit! What a character! Meng Kedao against Mo most inte DDOS rest: "Mo love, fear no hardships Lee dominated. "The meaning of Huaben blamed Mo, is actually very flattering to him.   He said: "do not believe in the supernatural, but the cult, known as Strider, this ain't no guests? But this ain't no fish nets? "(Gong Meng articles) Mo, though not a funeral sacrifice, but believe in the supernatural, but also more days. His "day" is not my "natural" is not Confucius's "what is Diana? At fo dos emulator online