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destiny talks to ddos kid er, and endless, and road, and day and night, is also a bad idea. "Zhu said:" heaven, go to party, but continued, no one will rest stops. DDOS "The two big aims are good. ) The DDOS heavens, like the rolling river, up to the present time, early in the past, this would be the "easy" meaning of the word.   Take the reins of the I Ching ("-", "-") on behalf of "easy" and "simple". Extreme minimalism, only fan Add. So said, "Heaven's Gate,. "Added:" easy simply cut it under heaven. "All things change, starting from very simple since the original get out, to know that simple, remote, we can infer then those consequences, so Yi · remarks biography says:   Constant virtue known risk-prone, ... ... Brief to know the constant resistance of virtue.   This represents everything from very simp DDOS le to extremely complicated formulas. Here says "Tai Chi" not Confucians call "taiji". The saying that: "the pole, too. "On the roof beams, on the I Ching is a painting of the" one "," device, horses also. "Two meters is that a pair of"-","--". The four images is "a". From gossip to 64 hexagrams, it represents the number of "' CI in the world" and "the world", but from a little cross was born in the picture. This is "change from simple and complex" tomorrow.   This is the first basic concept of the I Ching.   Because of this, they are able to "Hwang to justice", so "gets to know what is new". On the Analects befo DDOS re ask after x may know? Confucius said, not only ten, best can be deduced. It happened because Confucius is convinced that all living things are composed of simple and complex, into a line around constantly, so can be deduced in the previous paragraph after paragraph, by pushing due to consequences.   Second, as the charge of the remarks said: "like also. "Those five words are the key to one of the easy.   That said it's all changing evolution was just a "like" function. To know what, should first ask why. The charge of the remarks said: "like, like" (as destiny talks to ddos kid