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destiny ddos kid dad ngshan, Wang Yang-Ming's philosophy, how different from what you are, and Zhu? For these reasons, about three ways:   (B) the times are different.   (A) the individuals are different.   (C) th DDOS e ideas of different academic.   (A) at the same time depends on who ' though DDOS t and then thought what influence.   (C) the judgement known intellectual changes and reasons for changes, responsibility for the history of philosophy has not finished, had to allow scholars to know the theories of value, this is called judging. But I say, judge, is not the history of philosophy in his own judgement, to criticize the merits of the ancients. "Subjecti DDOS ve" evaluation, is of any use. Now says, is "objective" judgement. This evaluation, theories of what happened to the effect each represent it. Value of these effects, is th DDOS e value of that doctrine. These effects can be broadly divided into three types:   (B) depending on the customs of a theory in political influence.   (C) to see what kind of results can be a ' personality.   For example, ancient "ordained", says so much, is Zhuang Zi. Zhuang Zi's nature as a ubiquitous tweets, it says "Atlantic know how of my so-called inhuman? Call of non-? "So he has a" pending "doctrine. This doctrine, in Xunzi, a reaction will occur. Xun Zi says "Zhuangzi shielding on days I do not know who", so strongly advocated the conquest of Xunzi's theory of the day for the benefit of personnel.   But then the effects of this doctrine of Zhuangzi, DDOS habit of a happy life, unbreakable. In the community, and good results, is a philosophical doctrine; a bad effect, lazy not aggressive mentality. Caused by talent, good of Tao Yuan-ming, Su; bad Liu ling is a philosophical category of waste.   After 50 years, 100 years, or could take place a world philosophy, is also unknown.   Distinguish between the history of Chinese philosophy Chinese philosophy history can be divided into three ages:   (A) from Lao Zi to destiny ddos kid dad