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destiny calling ddos kid Religious schools set up, objectively a wider distribution of Western music. If they bring Church hymns, and some music pieces of the European bourgeois social activities as well as some early Class piano works. Christian missionary in 1872 Dean strong merit school in Shanghai published the hymns of spectrum, Contains more than 360-odd religious hymn sheet music, accompanied by music by enlightenment and dealt with Western music theory, using Music. 1883 United Kingdom missionary Li Timo too printed publication of the poem increased, i DDOS n order to facilitate religious Staff notation, its purpose is to preach. Melody contained in this book are all popular European religious Spread, ordinary Chinese are familiar with the folk song melodies used in the book as an Etude. The missionaries Broadcast Western music in China played a positive role in the development of music. Is the vast amount of incoming European instruments and DDOS instrumental works in the early 20th century. First European copper tube Band was Westernization and adopted by a constitutional monarchy. 1899 hired Yuan Shikai in Germany consultants, there is a A man named Gao Sida recommended tube DDOS into Western copper trumpet trombone in the armed forces, while organizing a The military band. In 1903, Yuan Shi-kai opened a music school in Tianjin, through three periods, each phase of 80 DDOS people, Another Bannerman, about 50 people, sending people to Germany specifically to study music, setting up a 20 After the Xinhai revolution, organ and widely applied in school and social life, and specifically for the Chinese People of Western brass band. In ordinary primary and secondary schools began marching band events. People learn to use the organ textbook publishing, such as 1911 the Japanese Suzuki Yonejiro Zhao, Xin Han translation The textbook on the organ, 1919 cable tree white editor of the textbook on the organ, two book deals with the organ Kinds, construction, performance, applic DDOS ation and a comp destiny calling ddos kid