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verisign dns ddos Singing costu DDOS me drama. About around 1915, when Luo xiaoci artist Hall of Tan village in guangrao County, Shandong province Yuan, Tan Minglun, Cui Xingle etc in rural Luo xiaoci "Wan DDOS g drive a donkey for others to hire" masked performances of this program, Singing and dancing. This was welcomed by the masses in the form of DDOS singing and dancing, other artists are learning to do, the crowd Called the "donkey show" or "the dulcimer plays." After Luo xiaoci costume singing the show more and more extensive stream In Shandong province, Bo Hai, the jiaodong peninsula in dozens of districts. Some artists into Jinan show shortly, Lu Opera music used the melody of "siping cavity", "two", "flowing water", "the doll cavity" Took the other drama acting and emerging drama of Lu Opera tunes into the North. And so on. "Four cavity" is one of the oldest of the singing, folk song "song of fengyang" degenerate. Luo xiaoci, It is also a basic ARIA, according to veteran artists say, around 1898, dongzhaicun Zhang Lantian in guangrao County, and Zhang Zhitian fengyang apprentice apprenticeship, brought "song of fengyang", stating that entertainers have been North and South Stream. "Siping Chamber" composed of original tunes by the simple phrase, created after artists for many years, Change. A sing sing slow distinction, namely, siping, siping, fast and slow. Siping is a slow three-eyes, In its rhythms, melodies rise and fall, from the Board down the length of panel door and simplified a great deal of wealth and Meticulous and lyrical voice; siping was strangely, how strong, spasm of the emotion. The original "Song of fengyang" also used as a male, still has its own unique DDOS features. Four of the original tune "chicken Yang Ge "is like this: Lu opera singers singing "siping cavity" has been based on this, there have been many changes. Some is still People heard a cappella words. Singing of the old roof are: Singing on the Board, called the old roof, some can sing in the eyes verisign dns ddos