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ddos on dns nd year to the Republic of China (2) period. The imperial examination And the beginning of school. My hometown of shimen Bay of Zhejiang new primary school hall singing the song, Shen Xingong made it most of the School singing songs in the album. From jiaxing brought in a school singing (and gym) teacher called Mr Jin Kezhu (Lake Singing ' taste particularly fresh, singing the song is not particularly easy to forget. Until today, 50 years later, I can still recit DDOS e ), He plays a three sets of organ and taught us a 13 or 14 year old students to sing. This is our first official study Songs. Li Shutong (1880-1942) in four volumes his early years in Shanghai Nanyang College reading and study days Then please write down the Yangtze River, and the memories of his great gym, and a good friend DDOS of three word Shen Learning music art. Together with Ouyang Yuqian, who organized theater group "spring Willow", performance Slave day ' and ' La Traviata ' drama, is the advocate of early modern drama movement. Lee Uncle from Japan after returning to DDOS China, Nanjing, Hangzhou, who teaches music and art lessons in school. The lyrics of his songs Music is popular in schools and in the community. The "May Fourth" campaign ahead of him from negative thoughts born of Influence in the Hangzhou Lingyin Temple monk when monk. In his early works showed patriotic enthusiasm And worries to our country's survival, such as the 1905 wrote in praise of the motherland. Publication of the society for the song in Shanghai Published on, immediately spread like wildfire, and schools as teaching materials across the country learn to sing. This song is used Chinese folk melodies of the old six-plate lyrics. In case of foreign melodies prevalent at that time, this bo DDOS ld production National approach is a valuable attempt to tune lyrics. Li Shutong the lyrics to the songs are lyrical Solo and semichorus, and some lyrics are USU words, these works in collaboration with the composer and the artis ddos on dns