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ddos protection liberty reserve inished exploits rely on himself. Therefore, he surrounded the wizards, fairy, promised on their own method to guarantee him immortality. When Qin Shihuang heard that legend has it there are three small islands in the East China Sea Bank--Penglai, Abbot, Yingzhou – where immortal people lived a happy, never-ending life, he throws the wizards led by Hsu Fu Chi pure youth and maiden sacrificed in search of those isl DDOS ands, and from which they get the medicine of immortality, when Hsu Fu Chi when you get nothing back, historians ' record is as follows:   65 it DDOS is said Qin Shihuang died a few days ago, in his inspection trip in Eastern China, carefully search DDOS ing the coast to find Hsu Fu Chi's trail. One night, he dreamt of Neptune, and shot and killed a giant Act of preventing Hsu Fu Chi drug-seeking fish. He accompanied shaman to interpret dreams for him. But these exceptions did not delay his death; if they do, only accelerated the arrival of death. But historians give to poetic atmosphere, using a tone of sadness, like Shakespeare's majestic pen. They portrayed a fool DDOS a powerful ruler, the happiness myth in pursuit of his worthless, ridiculous struggle to merely survive.   Han Fei's view that the law is supreme, the people should be equal before the law, and this law shall replace the personal preferences and relationships ... and ... Han Fei's vision is to establish a very strict system and does not require any "son of heaven", and only need to run qualification of ordinary ... ... Emperors do not need to do anything, because he found himself under any circumstances do nothing ... ... The system should be able to run. This is essentially the Emperor's wuwei theory.   66 However, behind all the appreciation, the same can be clearly noted, and legalism but was deemed to be China's "cure" to understand. Rea DDOS l admiration is a monster. Legalism will never be truly lost mask of Cain.   Comment   ② date through two rows of "circular character" con ddos protection liberty reserve