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iptables dns ddos protection hesis of the full form of a Wor DDOS d, such as "weird" (Gu à I), consonant "g" The "head" and vowel rhyme "u" (sound) and the essential vowel in a compound vowel as in "à" or "abdomen" vowel in the Syllable CODA "I" (USD Low lift, generally divided into "flat, top, and the" four tones, sometimes the sound is divided into "Yin (Qing dynasty Aren't the end) or "tail", they DDOS clearly related to the meaning of a Word. Tone refers to the words of the high ') And Yang (dark) ", so one thing to" the four tones of Yin-Yang ", relating them to melody, Therefore, Xu dachun in the Yuefu voice with a great deal of space to discussing problems of articulation, en DDOS unciation. He asked the singer to properly grasp "tone deaf" and "sihu" and "four tones". And to distinguish between a The words "head, abdominal, tail," sing the clearly "explain" to them. He said: "what is DDOS Account? Word of mouth will be, belly, tail, head, abdomen, the last sound has done, then a Word, Clear Word. If a sound is not yet alone, or do not collect the full, or to collect and to the junction is unable to Broken, or breaking down of head is not what all account are not clear ... Under the last sound and Word, Request to make, "said, straight-up angry, look out." Especially under exertion, Word by Word as clear as Crystal. "He believes that only reached the" true " Relationship. He thinks nanqu to break even, beiqu t DDOS o break even in the primary. Beiqu's fault, Second, he stressed the importance of proper fracture, baffled, weights, Xu Ji with the lyrics and its contents Tone, and all of a sudden a broken, broken, broken and for differences such as diction, broken and lying calm accommodation, and a song "Face", "break out." Compared with a fracture, he said "baffled" for the song "God "The expression of even more important. Frustrated is more fun with lyrics demanding for a transfer, said: "Qu Wen broken to know where liberal arts must, measure in traditional Chinese music may wish to slightly str iptables dns ddos protection